Handcrafted All-Natural Solid Wood Creations

Luis Gonzalez’s mastery of this process has led to the creation of sculptures that combine exceptional craftsmanship, sustainability, and visionary artistry.

Mamaluwood - Luis Gonzalez

Collection and drying

The wood that serves as the base material for the sculptures is acquired by trees that were previously harvested or downed by natural disasters. The artist forages these pieces throughout the South Florida area and repurposes them for his sculptures. These locally sourced woods come from a variety of plants, and include mahogany, tropical almond, wild tamarind, Indian rosewood, and Governor plum, among others. Then each raw material is cleaned, trimmed, labeled and prepared for the drying process.


The wood is ready for the next step after a few years in this drying stage. Each individual wood material is shaped using a lathe, a machining tool that performs different functions including rotating it into a cylindrical form. Each cylinder of wood is labeled and dated and continues the drying process for approximately three more years before it is ready to be turned into a sculpture.


Mamaluwood - Luis Gonzalez


Two basic techniques are implemented to shape each sculpture: woodturning and carving. After the cylinder of wood has completed drying, the artist starts to transform the log into a basic fruit shape such as a pear, apple, peach or cherry. Using the U.S. fabricated Robust American Beauty manufacturing lathe as the primary instrument, each piece is wood turned until its fully-formed. A variety of hand carving tools give it the definition it needs for the final sculpturing stage. The artist gives his attention to the finest detail modeling each piece before it is sanded and sealed.

The Process Mamaluwood - Luis Gonzalez

Painting & Finishing

After the modeling stage is finished, the sculpture in progress is sanded until smooth and the surface is seamlessly even. A base paint primer is then applied prior to the application of rich, vibrant color schemes that bring these pieces to life. 

A proven combination of painting techniques that benefit the durability of each individual work of art is meticulously brushed on, using acrylic, oil, water-base or a mixture of these. It usually takes about 8 days for the paint to completely dry before a clear lacquer is used for the finish. To give each sculpture that lustrous shine, 10 to 15 coats are applied. Using a high-quality, industrial clear lacquer, each coat is dry between applications and sanded when needed until the sculpture is complete.

Pears -The Process Mamaluwood - Luis Gonzalez

The Fruit Sculptures are offered in a variety of select sizes and styles. The main four sizes available are: Junior (approx. 3” high), Natural (“real-life” fruit size), Giant (approx. 7” high), and Mega (approx. 12″-14”). Stems and leaves featured in the wood sculptures complement the natural appearance of the fruit. There is the available option, for all size sculptures, for the stem and leaf in be accented in pewter for a modern touch.

CTA Pears- Mamaluwood - Luis Gonzalez

The Fruit Sculptures Collection Is Available For Commissions

All pieces within the Fruit Sculptures Collection are available to be commissioned upon request. Each piece can be completely customized to the needs of the client, with handcrafted quality that is 100% guaranteed by the artist. Due to the natural raw materials used, each piece is always unique and will contain slight variations in texture and color. Please submit an inquiry for further information on commissioned art pieces, pricing, and the custom ordering process.

Apple - Mamaluwood - Luis Gonzalez

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