Handcrafted all natural solid wood creations

My primary medium is wood. I work mainly with woods found in South Florida including Oak, Mahogany, Wild Tamarind and Black Mangrove, among others. The wood I collect must go through a drying process which takes years. I use two basic techniques to manually shape each fruit, wood turning and carving.

After modeling each piece, I prepare it for painting by sanding and sealing. I use a mixture of vibrant rich colors.  For painting, l also use two procedures.  First, I use a mixture of stains and acrylics giving my pieces a traditional look.  Then to achieve a contemporary appearance, I mix a water base and an oil base printing, creating abstract designs.  Once each piece is completely dry, I apply several dense coats of finish between lacquers and resin.

My fruit sculptures feature a variation in distinguishable sizes and styles.  They are mainly available in 4 sizes: junior (approx. 3” high), natural (regular fruit size), giant (approx. 7” high) and mega (approx. 12"-14"). Stems and leaves are also featured in my wood sculptures, which supplement the natural appearance of the fruit.  Each size may be accented with the stem and leaf in pewter, which offer a contemporary appearance.

I work on commissions to match your particular taste and needs. I guarantee the quality of my work so your investment is safe. Please be advised that due to the nature of handmade objects, each piece will vary slightly. Please inquire with me about variances, pricing and custom orders.